Rockwood Fire first responders work overdose calls Monday and Today

Two overdose calls in Rockwood today and Monday afternoon caused Rockwood First Responders an ambulance and fire department were all sent to the business located at 215 North Gateway Ave to where a male subject allegedly overdosed and was having chest pains and needed medical attention.

Today around 11 this morning a male subject allegedly overdosed on South Front Street to a business set up to help the Homeless, located at the former Walker’s store. A Rockwood fireman rode in the ambulance helping and assisting them as the male subject was taken to the hospital. It’s unknown if he was admitted or the other one as well.

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  1. The person who passed away at 131 S. Front Street in Rockwood did NOT die from an overdose. He was diabetic and his blood sugar dropped to 20 causing his death.

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