Roane Man Arrested for Failure to Appear and Also Facing Drug Charges

Around 2am Sunday morning a Roane Sheriff deputy made contact with Danny Ray Barlow. After checking his status through central dispatch it was determined he had two warrants for Failure To Appear. After checking the car and him there was illegal drugs also found . He was taken to The Roane County Jail and charged with Failure to appear x 2

Manufacture, Delivery, Sell Or Possess of Methamphetamine – Manufacture, Delivery, Sale, Possession Of Controlled Substance Unlawful Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia Danny Ray Barlow is being held on bonds totalling $75,000 and a court date set for Nov. 11th

Charge Offense Date Court Type Court Date Bond Bond Type Charging Agency Arresting Agency 
Failure To Appear09-26-2021General Sessions Stevens11-09-2021$2,000.00Appearance BondRoaneROANE – TN0730000
Failure To Appear09-26-2021 11-09-2021$1,000.00Appearance BondRoaneROANE – TN0730000
Methamphetamine – Manufacture, Delivery, Sell Or Possess09-26-2021General Sessions Stevens11-09-2021$10,000.00Appearance BondRoaneROANE – TN0730000
Manufacture, Delivery, Sale, Possession Of Controlled Substance09-26-2021General Sessions Stevens11-09-2021$50,000.00Appearance BondRoaneROANE – TN0730000
Unlawful Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia09-26-2021General Sessions Stevens11-09-2021$7,500.00Appearance BondRoaneROANE – TN0730000

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