Roane Commission Meets Electronically

A screen capture of the April 13, 2020 Roane County Commission meeting that was held via Zoom and Live streamed on YouTube. The Roane County Commission met Monday night but not at thecourthouse as usual, but instead, making history, the commission used theZoom app which was then streamed live via …

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ORT: AC Jail Population Down during Pandemic

According to The number of inmates at the Anderson County Jail has fallen significantly, mostly due to COVID-19, according to our partners at Oak Ridge Today..On Wednesday, there were 297 inmates at the jail, which was more than 100 inmates below the average, and Tyler Mayes, director of administrative …

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Roane County Commission to use Zoom App to Meet

The Roane County Commission will use the Zoom app to conduct thismonth’s regular meeting this coming Monday night and this will be thefirst they have ever conducted in this manner and it could be challenging. Chairman of The Commission Randy Ellis said, “We’re having to change everything just like a …

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