Fire South of the River Tuesday took several Firefighters to Extinguish

Just after 9 p.m. Tuesday Multiple fire agencies responded to an all alarm fire at a salvage yard and structure just off of Highway 58 four miles south of Kingston on Walnut Grove Road, which runs parallel to Hwy 58, South Roane County Fire units arrived on the scene and noticed heavy smoke and fire and several explosions of possible propane tanks stored there. The attack on that fire was quick, but still fire agencies who came to assist had to stage on Hwy 58 to spray water on near-by homes to protect them as other fire crews battled the blaze.

No one was at the residence or Salvage Yard when the fire broke out and there were no injuries. As mentioned multiple agencies from Midtown fire , East Roane County, Hazmat ,and EOC all responded to assist South Roane County firefighters and we’re on the scene for about 3 hours. The investigation is ongoing as to what caused the fire.

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