Update on Clinton High School Grade Manipulation Investigation

Nearly four weeks have passed since the investigation at Clinton High School began, involving the firing and resignation of several administrators over alleged grade changes. Our broadcast partners at WYSH Radio contacted the Anderson County Attorney General’s Office and the Sheriff’s Department for updates on the ongoing investigation.

Captain Shane Vowell of the Anderson County Sheriff’s Department stated that there is currently no new information to report. The Attorney General’s office responded via email, confirming that the case is still under investigation and that no additional information is available at this time. They assured Ron Meredith that any new developments will be shared through a media release.

Background of the Investigation

The investigation, first reported by WYSH on April 14, 2024, revealed that two Anderson County School (ACS) teachers were fired for continuing grade manipulation following the resignation of Clinton High School Principal Dan Jenkins. The grade changes were reportedly made for various reasons, including enabling students to participate in sports, gain college admission, and remove “problem” students from the school.

Anderson County District leaders discovered that some students, who were thought to be on track to graduate, lacked the necessary coursework. Documents indicate that Coach Darell Keith asked teacher Rachel Jones to change students’ grades, stating that Principal Dan Jenkins had approved the changes. Jones initially refused, but later complied after Coach Keith returned with a marked transcript signed by Jenkins.

Coach Keith was recently relieved of his duties as the head football coach at Clinton High School. However, Coach Keith asserts that he never requested a grade change and contends that he has been made a scapegoat.

WYSH and BBB TV will continue to seek updates on this investigation and report any new information as it becomes available.

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