TDOT Commisioner vists Harriman last Friday

Harriman City Manager, Scott Mason, alongside State Senator Ken Yager and other city officials, convened at Harriman City Hall last Friday afternoon to host TDOT Commissioner Butch Eley. The purpose of the gathering was to discuss imminent paving plans for the city. Mason, emphasizing the necessity of refurbishing Roane Street from the interstate through downtown, highlighted its neglect for nearly two decades and expressed a keen desire for progress on the project.

Commissioner Eley pledged to explore avenues to expedite the resurfacing, assuring Mason that efforts would be made to accomplish the task either within the current year or early the following year. Mason revealed that although the project had been on TDOT’s agenda last year, it was subsequently removed. Consequently, prompted by State Senator Yager, a meeting with Eley was arranged, culminating in last Friday’s discussions.

In addition to these developments, Harriman has once again contracted Rogers Group to undertake resurfacing projects across the city. The commencement of street paving activities is slated for the coming weeks. Furthermore, ongoing work is underway on the lighting project at the Harriman interchange on Highway 27. This initiative involves the installation of new street lights along the highway, extending from the southern end near Holiday Inn Express to just beyond the Food City gas station in Harriman, enhancing safety and visibility for motorists and pedestrians alike.

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