State Representative Monty Fritts Addresses Roane County Commission on Legislative Achievements

On Monday, 32nd District State Representative Monty Fritts attended the Roane County Commission meeting, where he distributed a letter detailing the state legislature’s accomplishments this session. Among the highlights were several local initiatives aimed at improving governance and addressing pressing issues in the community.

In Kingston, a charter revision was approved to expedite the city’s budget approval process starting this year. This change is intended to streamline operations and ensure timely financial planning.

Meanwhile, the City of Rockwood requested a charter amendment to modify the functions of their Civil Service Board. The proposed changes aim to enhance the board’s efficiency in interviewing applicants for city government positions and handling employee grievances.

Representative Fritts also brought attention to the ongoing issue of Asian carp in waterways surrounding Loudon and Roane Counties. These invasive species threaten local aquatic life, and Fritts emphasized the need for measures to prevent their spread from Chattanooga northward.

Additionally, Fritts highlighted a proposed bill to strengthen sentences for illegal aliens who commit certain crimes. He also discussed efforts to protect schools from threats of violence and to shield gun stores and manufacturers from frivolous lawsuits.

These topics, among others, were outlined in the handout provided to the Commissioners, reflecting a productive legislative session with significant local impact.

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