Oliver Springs to Honor Veterans with Banners on Tri-County Boulevard

Oliver Springs, TN – In the coming weeks, Tri-County Boulevard will be lined with banners honoring the service and sacrifice of veterans, both past and present. This initiative, which began early this year, aims to pay tribute to veterans by displaying their pictures on posters along the boulevard and potentially other downtown streets.

Sample of what the banners may look likePicture from www.HometownHeroesBanners.com

Mayor Jason Stiltner announced during last Thursday’s Oliver Springs Town Council meeting that they have received permission from the Clinton Utility Board to hang the veterans’ banners on their utility poles. This project, spearheaded by the local American Legion Post, received strong community support and involvement.

The Town Council has also agreed to subsidize part of the production costs for these banners. Initially, each banner costs around $120. By contributing to the expenses, the council hopes to encourage more families to participate in honoring their veteran family members.

Residents who wish to have their veteran family member recognized on a banner can contact Oliver Springs City Hall for more information. This initiative not only honors the veterans but also serves to remind the community of their invaluable contributions.

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