Incident at Lake City Elementary Raises Concerns about Child Safety

On April 10th, a concerning incident unfolded at Lake City Elementary School, shedding light on lapses in child supervision and raising questions about safety protocols within the school premises. The incident involved a Pre-K/Kindergarten-aged autistic child who managed to wander away from the school grounds unnoticed, eventually making his way down to a nearby creek.

According to reports, the child’s absence went unnoticed until a passerby alerted school authorities to the child’s presence near the creek. The child’s mother, Chelsey Adams, took to social media to express her distress, highlighting surveillance footage allegedly showing a staff member preoccupied with their cellphone instead of supervising the children. Adams emphasized that her child was unsupervised for a significant period, putting his safety at risk.

In response to the incident, the Adams family disclosed that they were visited by the Department of Children’s Services (DCS), which has initiated an investigation into the matter. They further expressed frustration over not being promptly notified by Anderson County Schools (ACS) about their son’s disappearance or the unfolding events.

In contrast, Anderson County Schools issued a statement by Ryan Sutton, ACS Communications/PR Coordinator, addressing the incident, acknowledging that a student had exited the building under the observation of teachers and administrators. They assured that the student was quickly brought back into the building unharmed, with no reported injuries. Additionally, the statement mentioned a subsequent soft lockdown due to a medical emergency, aimed at ensuring the safety of students and staff while medical professionals attended to the situation.

The incident has prompted a community-wide discussion on the importance of stringent supervision protocols and timely communication between schools and parents. Concerned stakeholders are hopeful that investigations by relevant authorities will lead to measures aimed at preventing similar incidents in the future and ensuring the safety of all students.

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