Rockwood Council Meeting Re-Cap

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The Rockwood City Council passed a resolution to begin negotiations with Waste Connections for garbage collection services over the next several years. If the contract is finalized, Rockwood residents may see a $3 increase in their garbage collection fees. This was announced by City Administrator Becky Ruppe at last night’s meeting, explaining that the contract includes a new collection method. Waste Connections will provide each customer with a 96-gallon container, aligning with their new operational protocol, similar to their service in the city of Harriman. This change necessitates the fee increase to cover the cost of the containers that can be automatically emptied into their trucks. The council’s final decision will be made through an ordinance requiring two readings before the contract is approved. With Waste Connections as the sole bidder, Mayor Jason Jolly remarked that they may have limited options.

Additionally, the council approved the purchase of four 2021 police cruisers from the State of Missouri at approximately $21,600 each. They also confirmed Aylor Evans as a member of the Rockwood Industrial Development Board and passed a motion allowing the City Attorney to sue a property owner who has obstructed Roberts Street by parking vehicles, a move requested by residents eager to have the street accessible. The full replay of the Rockwood City Council meeting will be available on BBB Communications next Monday at 7:00 p.m.

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