Summary of Rockwood City Council Meeting Held on Monday

Councilwoman April Wilson

The Rockwood City Council convened last night in a regular session with full attendance. The council consented to rezone the property on West Rockwood Street, known as the Old Ramsey House, to an R4 zone, permitting a boarding house at this location. The rezoning request came from the property owner, who is considering using the premises to provide housing for veterans in need of apartments or temporary accommodation.

The house, situated near Rockwood Middle and High Schools, previously served as a foster home but may now become a boarding house following the council’s decision. Councilwoman Wilson was the sole dissenting vote against the resolution, expressing her discomfort in “not knowing more about the project, not liking where it’s located (near the Middle and High School), and not agreeing with some of the things I’ve heard from it”.

Councilwoman Evans telling Mayor Jason Jolly that she will fill out any form you give her.

After the Council meeting last night, a discussion emerged between City Administrator Becky Ruppe and Councilwoman Peggy Evans. The conversation took place in Ms. Ruppe’s office, stemming from Evans’ allegation of not receiving requested reports and records from various departments. In her closing remarks at the meeting, Evans repeated her unfulfilled requests for information not provided in her packet, including detailed departmental salaries, airport financials, and the golf course restaurant’s operating expenses. City Administrator Ruppe countered by reminding that the council had agreed to have a public information request form filled out, for any additional reports, even those requested by council members. This policy was met with disapproval by Evans, which led to the confrontation in Ruppe’s office post-meeting.

A full replay of last night’s Rockwood City Council meeting will be broadcast on this station next Monday at 7 PM.

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