Electric vehicle charging station coming to Harriman through H.U.B.

Human hand is holding electric car charger – Envato Elements

If you own an electric vehicle or thinking about getting one but are concerned about an electrical Charging station nearby, the Harriman Utility Board is working to fix that problem. A charging station is being built near their office and according to HUB manager Candice Vannasdale who addressed the Harriman council last week, stated that the charging station should be ready to go within the next 6 weeks if all goes as planned. It would be able to charge two vehicles at the station at a minimal cost. She said that HUB had received a grant to help them construct the charging station. Plans are to increase the number of charging stations as time and demand increases. We will let you know when the charging station is up and ready to go.

EV Charging Station – Envato Elements

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