Two main rural roads closed and Caney Ford Bridge for two weeks causing extra traffic on other roads in Roane County

The main roads leading to the Caney Ford bridge are closed for the next couple of weeks due to some utility work which runs in the roadway on both sides of the bridge. Roane Public Utility Chairman Gene McClure told us via a phone call today that the main sewer line which runs in the middle of Bowman Bend Road and Caney Creek Road, must be relocated making way for the new bridge that will be eventually replacing the older structure, so the roads had to be closed for their preparations for this work.

He said signage is posted but thru traffic from Hwy 70’s connection over Bowman Bend Road is impassible to motorist at this time for the next couple of weeks which means that Bowman Bend Road traffic will have to access The Duncan Hollow Road and Bluff Road to access Midtown for the duration. Also, Caney Creek Road travelers who accessed the bridge to go to Midtown will use Joiner Hollow to Post Oak Valley Road to Hwy 70 for now. He also said he understands the frustration while this is ongoing but simply had no choice but to close the roads near the bridge for the removal of the main lines to be replaced to the sides of the roads

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