Rockwood Council heats up at end of meeting with words exchanged

During The Rockwood City Council meeting Monday night an Exchange of words came at the end of the meeting from councilwoman Peggy Evans, who was not happy that the city sent her a “bill” for an estimated $16,000 allegedly for City Services provided during their Merchants Day Festivals in town. Evans as usual at the end of the meeting in her comments asked again for certain reports of finances from different departments but didn’t like the spreadsheet, she was given that was prepared for councilwoman April Foust who handed out a copy to each council member and the mayor as well.

Mayor Jason Jolly explained to councilwoman Evans that the sheet she was given was not a bill. As words began to be exchanged, he decided to adjourn the meeting quickly. You can watch the playback of Monday night’s meeting here on TV after Prime-Time trading time around 7:00 pm, on Monday, July 31, 2023. Or you can click this link to watch it now.

This video below is the end of the meeting.

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