Oliver Springs Town Council Meeting Wrap-Up from last night

The Oliver Springs town council met last night for a public hearing on next year’s budget proposal of a 20-cent property tax rate increase and a 13 to 14% water rate increase. A handful of residents showed up to express their concerns about the rate increases and was given information from both the city manager Corey Jenkins, and council members who expressed to them they know they have concerns about the increases but they want to make sure that the town has sufficient funding for the future and promise to make sure every dollar was accounted for and spent accurately to better serve the citizens.

After the public hearing, the council met in regular session and set the date for the next public hearing which will be August the 10th at 6:00 p.m. followed by the water board meeting, and then Town Council meeting which at that time they are looking at passing the budget at that time. The council Thursday evening did approve entering a contract with the Roane County government planner position for City Planning services at a cost of $14,500. They currently are paying the East Tennessee development District $7,600 a year for the service but will not renew that contract when it is finished in the fall. You can watch the playback of last night’s Oliver Springs council meeting here on BBB-TV-12 in the morning at 10am. Or you can click here to watch it online.

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