Harriman Council Meeting Wrap-Up from June 6, 2023

Harriman Municipal Plaza

Harriman Council members met last night, June 6th, for their first meeting of the month. The council approved the Roane County Interlocal Agreement to provide City Planning services with the county’s planning and zoning department.

They approved a matching allocation of a maximum of $125,000 in ARPA funds to HUB for their work to develop the Hannah property on the north end of the city for housing development. There is a possibility of over 100 new homes to be built on the property near The TCAT Campus.

Approved the bids from local contractors for the demolition and cleanup of a structure at 802 Virginia Street with an estimated cost of $10,000. Also, one for the structure at 631 Siluria Street which is estimated around $5,500.00. And the last one approved, was for the demolition and cleanup of a structure at 415 Clinton Street for just over $20,000 due to cost of the demo work would as that structure would have to be done by hand since it was very close to another home.

The Council also had their work session after the regular meeting in which most of the discussion was for talking about costs for health insurance for employees with their insurance agent Sarah McCoig.

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