Oliver Springs Town Council meets last night and announces Town is being sued in Federal Court

The Oliver Springs Town council met last night with five of the six council members present. Alderman Jeff Bass was unable to make the meeting due to work scheduling. The council only had one item of new
business to conduct and that was to name a vice mayor. Alderman James Brummett was nominated as vice mayor for the town of Oliver Springs when Mayor Jason Stiltner opened the meeting and gave his mayoral comments, he told the audience that the town of Oliver Springs is being sued in federal court in Knoxville over on incident last year where their assistant police chief Ryan Williams allegedly stopped a person identified as the Plaintiff in the suit as Dwayne Howell from Clinton.

While Williams was in his Oliver Springs Patrol Cruiser and wouldn’t let him leave the area around the Clinton Middle School football field, after some type of incident occurred causing the two individuals
to be at odds with each other. No specifics on how much the lawsuit is seeking but the town of Oliver Springs and assistant chief Ryan Williams were named in the lawsuit.

You may recall that assistant police chief Williams came before the council two weeks ago stating that he would give his side of the story as to what occurred causing him to take his Patrol unit from Oak Ridge where he lives to Clinton and then being in the alleged incident there were he is accused of using his authority unlawfully. A hearing was set up for June the 6th to hear from officer Williams but last night at the Oliver Springs council meeting Alderman Robert Miller made a motion to not have that hearing now, due to the pending litigation and that was passed by the unanimous decision of the council. We will keep you updated as more information is released on this matter.

You can watch the meeting of Oliver Springs Town Council from Thursday night’s meeting here on TV 12 at 10:00 a.m. this coming Saturday morning to hear all the comments made at the meeting.

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  1. They need to be sued. They pulled me over and it was four cop cars with eight police officers. The one officer pulled me over for swerving due to me being tired I told him the truth about why I swerved. He made me step out of the car and he kept me there for 30 minutes, they ran my license and registration. Nothing came back on my license. I have no active warrant he would not let me go because he said that he had to watch my demeanor to make sure that I was not intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. They never gave me a sobriety test. This officer wanted to search my car. I asked him why does he want to search my car? He said because he feels like he was under the influence of something. I told him to give me a sobriety test and he did not. He just made me wait 30 to 45 minutes for nothing . I was on my job at the time of the incident.

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