Bridge on Roddy Lane in Midtown named in honor of the late Reverend Maceo Roddy Saturday

This past Saturday afternoon around 50 individuals gathered at Highway 70 and Roddy Lane in Midtown to officially unveil the new name of the bridge over the creek on Roddy Lane, as the Reverend Maceo Roddy Memorial Bridge. The bridge named after the Reverend Maceo Roddy who helped organize the Oak Grove Baptist Church which sits along Roddy Lane, He was an African American Minister, father, hard worker, and dedicated Christian and Community man, these just some of the accolades given during the ceremony this past Saturday of the man whom the bridge was now named after.

Roane County Commissioner Greg Ferguson along with his district counterpart commissioner Junior Hendrickson brought forth to the County Commission late last year to name the bridge in honor of the past Reverend and Midtown resident, and it was passed by a unanimous consent at that meeting. This past Saturday the unveiling of the sign at both sides of the bridge honored the Reverend Roddy. Commissioner Greg Ferguson along with his brother Dennis Ferguson organized the event.

A reception dinner followed the ceremony which started at 1:00 p.m. down Roddy Lane to the church where again the folks gathered for a time of reflection and dinner and place another sign at the church inside the fellowship hall.

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