Tractor-trailer hit by train Saturday

Saturday morning (April 15th), a westbound Norfolk Southern freight train heading toward Harriman struck a tractor trailer which was parked on the tracks Saturday morning just after 7:00 am. According to the Tennessee Highway Patrol report, the driver who apparently parked on the tracks was in the sleeper when the impact happened and escaped injury. He was identified as 41-year-old Jagit Singh from Pennsylvania.

The Train slammed into the trailer portion of the semi severing the trailer loaded with what was reported by Harriman Police as salsa, scattering it all over the area around the crash.

Harriman police and fire units responded within minutes to assess the damage and realized once they got to the driver, he was not injured nor were the crew of the train. It took nearly 8 hours to clear up the mess from the area once the train cleared the scene. The location was the small road which entered the area of the former National Guard Armory about one mile north of Webster Pike along Highway 27. The report did not indicate why the driver decided to park on the tracks, but he was charged with Parking on the tracks.

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