Oliver Springs City Manager Resigns

Thomas McCormick from Facebook

A change in leadership in the town of Oliver Springs has occurred as city manager Thomas McCormick resigned on Wednesday evening according to Mayor Jason Stiltner. Stiltner didn’t give much as far as specifics, as to why McCormick left only according to Stiltner, “McCormick wanted to pursue other employment opportunities”. He resigned after he and the mayor had a conversation about the Towns direction according to Stiltner. The Town didn’t look too far to replace McCormick as City employee and water plant operator Cory Jenkins was voted in as Interim city manager with a 6-month probationary period to start with and will receive $28.50 per hour for his service. Jenkins previously worked for the Cumberland Utility District.

Cory Jenkins, Interim Oliver Springs City Manager

The Town Council went into an executive session for about 20 minutes to discuss Thomas McCormick’s severance pay, and when back in session, voted to accept his resignation and severance pay as well.

One final note on the Oliver Springs Town council meeting as far as leadership roles, the two vacated Alderman positions that were filled last month by members voting in Teresa Van Hook and former Alderman Terry Holland, were sworn in this week, and set in their respective Alderman seats during last night’s meeting for the first time under Mayor Stiltner’s leadership. You can watch the Oliver Springs Town council meeting here on TV-12 Saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. for the replay of last night’s meeting.

You Can watch the meeting anything by clicking here.


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