Correction: Roane Commission approves raises for Sheriff’s Department personnel

After speaking with County Executive Wade Creswell today and Roane Sheriff Chief Deputy Tim Hawn we would like to make a correction on yesterday’s story on salary increases for the sheriff’s department employees. We had previously reported the proposed salary increases from the sheriff which through budget committee workshops there was also a compromised figure highlighted, at the end of the spreadsheet we received that stated what the commission approved and here are the correct numbers.

  • For Sheriff’s Department Deputies they will receive an increase of some 14% in salaries up to $51,000 up from current salary of $47,000 with also an increase in insurance benefits package.
  • Patrol sergeants will receive $53,000, which is an increase of a little over 19% raise.
  • for the sheriff’s lieutenants making $49,000 currently, their salary will increase to $59,000 annually.
  • for the sheriff’s department captains making currently $57,200 will now see an increase of some 22% up to $70,000 annually.
  • Patrol Corporals, currently making $46,000, will go up to $53,000, an increase of 15%.
  • Also, the administration, warrant staff, jailers, and front desk staff will also see an increase in their salaries as well.

We apologize for the misleading of the numbers that were reported a bit higher than these as we first reported as we did not go to the end of the sheet where the compromised Figures were given which according to Executive Creswell was debated several hours during the commission meeting, but Commissioners did vote to implement these increases immediately by a narrow margin of eight of the 15 Commissioners approving, while seven said no at this time.

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