UPDATE: Super 8 Motel Sends Response to Veteran Who Was Asked to Leave

Super 8 Motel, 905 N Kentucky St, Kingston – photo from Wyndham Hotels Website

The Super 8 Motel in Kingston issued a letter of apology to Jason Schmidlen for asking the veteran to leave the motel on Friday, March 10, 2023.

According to Schmidlen, he was asked to leave the motel after taking his dog out for a restroom break stating that the manager told him the dog could not be at the motel. Schmidlen involved the Kingston Police Department but left as instructed. He was able to stay at the Days Inn in Harriman.

According to the Super 8 Motel in Kingston’s website, animals are allowed if a fee is paid. But it also states that ADA Service Animals are welcome, contrary to what Schmidlen was allegedly told on Friday.

Today, we received a letter of apology written by Viresh Patel who is the owner of this Super 8. According to this letter, Schmidlen is accused of “making a scene because he filed a complaint”. Here are the complaints sent to the Wyndham Corporation.

From   Customer Care

3/10/2023, 01:56 PM

Jason states that he went to washroom he leave his dog outside of the room. Then he got a call from the front desk they asked which disability he have and what does this dog do. He told them he was ex military and the dog helps in to calm and reduce anxiety. PTSD is not a disability and we only allow military with PTSD The person on the call was Mr. Patel. He want him to be trained on the ADA

From   Customer Care

3/10/2023, 02:24 PM

Guest said that he called earlier to file a concern and the owner of the hotel is kicking him out now. He said that he was told that he was making a scene by filing a concern. He said that the hotel called the cops on him. . Called the hotel and spoke with the FD Manager Matthew. FD said that the owner called the police to make sure the guest will vacate the hotel. FD said that he will cancel the reservation of the guest and refund his money back.

Mr. Patel’s Letter to Jason Schmidlen:

Mr. Schmidlen

We apologize for the inconvenience. As you mentioned on this case to the customer case team, your interest was not just to stay at the hotel comfortably or peacefully. Upon asking two simple questions about the service animal, we did not break any rules by ADA compliant to begin with. We checked you in without any difficulty. You stayed in the room for few and also freely walking around the parking lot with your “service animal”. I asked you those questions just to make sure that we had the right guests in right room since we are pet friendly hotel but we charge fees. You were allowed to stay without any further questions. You ended up accusing hotel of wrong doing while we as hotel make sure we follow our rules. We tried to consult with you on the same and you threaten me for my position and the whole business by suing the hotel. You even called your attorney to settle the matter between you and hotel. It reached to a level where we had no choice but to call law enforcement to vacate the room since we in state of Tennessee have a right to refuse the service in situation like this. We took this decision based on your unruly behavior nor (sic) for the service animal in the room. We honored service animal upon check in to begin with. 

I wish you had better understanding about the whole situation. You would have been our guest like any other guests. Unfortunately, not all establishments take abuse like you tried to enforced (sic) on us and we tried our best to work with you but you chose to do something else. And we again apologize for our actions. 


Viresh Patel

We will continue to follow this story and let you know of any updates.

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