Man Addresses Oliver Springs Council About Concerns over an Air BnB on His Street

Robert Carmack address Oliver Springs Town Council about AirBnB in his neighborhood

During last Thursday evening’s Oliver Springs town council meeting a resident from the Sleepy Hollow Community, Robert Carmack, came before the council expressing his displeasure in what he described as a business operating short term rental in the community that he feels like shouldn’t be allowed there.
Carmack was up front about his stand on the overnight rental and had several comments at the meeting (his interaction with the council is posted below this story).

City manager Thomas McCormick stated that the city does allow overnight rentals but the homeowner or the property owner must have a permit from the city, and he feels like the address Carmack was stating had not obtained that permit yet. McCormick said he would send the owners a certified letter telling them they must register with the city.

The Oliver Springs Town Council Last Summer approved the use of short-term rental homes to overnight tenants, many of those who use the Windrock Park for the weekend. Carmack’s concerns were that he was afraid of the type of activity that the rental business would bring to his neighborhood and having the roads blocked by 4-wheelers and long trailers. Those who want to use their properties in Oliver Springs for this purpose must obtain a $50 permit before renting the units out.

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