Kingston Water Board Faces Heat from Citizens About Sewer Charges

Tuesday night during the Kingston water board meeting they were met again with opposition concerning charging water customers outside the city, 125% of their water usage for sewer service, in which those who oppose the new fee are not connected to the Sewer Service. The water board stated Tuesday night, they have to charge those people even though they do not have sewer service because the line runs in front of their residence. It was mandated by the state back in the late 80’s and a new Revision in 1991 from the Tennessee Department of environment and conservation and the Tennessee Water Commission established the new rule that has been in place since.

Last month customers on Kingston’s Water Service who live outside the city where sewer lines run in front of their properties were given notice that the added charge would be implemented. Last month’s meeting saw several individuals there express their displeasure with the new mandate and again last night.

Towards the end of the water board meeting board member Tony Brown wanted to hold off on charging those affected for at least 60 days until a work session could be conducted to discuss this further, however that motion never came to the floor for a vote after discussing it and realizing that some of those who would be affected have already hooked up to the Sewer Service and even City residents who live inside the city who are water customers and do not have Sewer Service, have been paying that fee for several years. After the meeting nothing has changed, and the bills will be sent to those customers who live outside the city. They will now to be charged the new sewer rate fee. Customers at Tuesday’s meeting stated they would seek changes through their state leaders and inform them that charging a service that is not used is unconstitutional. One other note, not only Kingston but other utilities across the state follow the same rule that if a sewer line runs in front of your home, then you are required to pay the fee whether you are hooked up or not.

You Can watch the entire meeting on Monday at 7pm on Channel 12, or you can watch an online version by clicking the link below.

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