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Breaking News: Shooting in Midtown

Update: shooter identified as Brian Wilson. He was airlifted to the hospital, according to Stockton. Wilson bonded out of jail this morning. Stockton said he was a suspect in a previous house fire.

Witnesses told deputies the shooter walked in and shot the first victim and then continued to search for more people. Stockton said Wilson knew at least two of the victims.

Stockton said Wilson was shot by an officer but they did not know who shot or the agency they were with. At least eight agencies responded to the scene, according to Stockton.

Officials with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation confirmed they had agents on the way to the scene.

Dudley Evans is on scene working on the story.

Photo by Dudley Evans
Photo by Dudley Evans
Photo by Dudley Evans

UPDATE: Shooter has been detained and was shot according to reports. One person is dead according to Sheriff Jack Stockton.

Breaking news this afternoon just after 4pm in the Midtown area of Roane County an active shooting has happened at the Midtown Auto Body, and according to sources three persons were shot and the shooter, as of 4:15, was still being sought after. We will continue to provide more information as we receive it. Hwy 70 at the scene is shut down. The area is just west of the Roane Medical Center.

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