Oliver Springs Police Uses Non-Lethal Methods To Take Man Into Custody

The Oliver Springs Police Department was met with a life and death decision on Monday night, just before midnight. An Irate subject who had threatened himself with a knife and even poured gasoline on himself and then set himself on fire, rushed into the street on Tri-County Boulevard near
the railroad tracks demanding that the police take his life.

Oliver Springs police chief David Laxton addressed the city council of Oliver Springs Thursday night giving them the details of how his officers, who have recently under his direction been trained in this type of situation, handled it correctly by not shooting the person with real bullets but using bean bags to take him down.

The unidentified man was alert and oriented upon transport to the hospital and then later to undergo a mental evaluation at a nearby Behavioral Center. Laxton stated his men did the right thing by not using deadly force on the individual and he is pleased with their action.

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