2nd Annual 4th of July Freedom Fest in Harriman Tennessee

“Old Glory” from www.YourAmericanFlagStore.com based in Harriman, TN

Celebrating this Independence Day with our local community and dozens of VIP Patriots flying in to be part of this incredible event.


Harriman, July 4 2022 – We will be celebrating with some Puckett’s Southern BBQ, Country & Classic Rock mixed with LIVE Music and fun for adults & kids with a variety of outdoor sports, activities and relaxation, all building up to an EPIC 30 minute private firework show.

YES, we will be shooting and blowing things up with Tannerite targets to get the day started off with a BOOM! Then, the rest of the day we can all relax and enjoy each other’s company while ziplining, 6 holes of frisbee golf, cornhole, volleyball, basketball, wiffleball, swimming or even an afternoon hammock nap… until the BIG FIREWORK SHOW!

“Last year we had people from our community celebrate with us, 2022 we’re having people from all over the entire country celebrating with us, it’s going to be HUGE!” said Host James Staake

We will also be having a silent auction of several of our company’s hand-crafted American flags to raise money for Kris Paronto’s “4th Hour Foundation” which benefits military families in need.

At Your American Flag Store we make high quality American Flag Art. We made national news twice after Big Tech tried to “Cancel” us. We pride ourselves on making products from our hearts for our customer’s homes, and every 4th of July we share our home & workshop with our customers and community.

Learn more at www.YourAmericanFlagStore.com

The story behind Freedom Fest

About 4 years ago our family started Your American Flag Store, which was our 6-year-old son’s idea. The next two years our family went on an amazing journey selling our handcrafted wooden flag art all over the country. When COVID hit, we abandoned our travels and began selling our flags online. The online business was successful enough to allow us to move our family and our business from California to Tennessee. We were living our own American Dream!

Shortly after we got settled into Tennessee, the platforms that seemed to be friendly to us as we built a successful online business: Facebook, Shopify, Google and PayPal, all began to enforce previously unenforced obscure platform rules that used vague language, to “Cancel” us. It was looking like our American Dream was coming to an end.

The stress slowly turned to panic, the panic slowly turned to chaos, but the chaos led to prayer, and prayer delivered a solution. It was a long shot, but it was our only shot, and we needed a miracle. I reached out to Newsmax, Fox News and The Center for American Liberty for help in exposing what Big Tech was doing. All 3 responded and were willing to help, we had our miracle!

What Big Tech did was wrong, so we began advocating for Anti-Cancel Culture Legislation. We have been sharing our progress with Fox News and Newsmax, and both have expressed an interest in an update to our story. We are inviting both Newsmax and Fox News to do a LIVE update from this year’s “FREEDOM FEST”, so we can deliver Big Tech the message that their days of Cancel Culture are coming to an end!

FREEDOM FEST is a traditional Independence Day celebration, packed full of sunshine, BBQ, good music and outdoor family fun that builds up to an EPIC private Firework Show. But for our family, FREEDOM FEST is an opportunity to rebel against Big Tech and celebrate our independence as an American owned business.

But why not have a productive and more meaningful celebration, right? So, this year we’re having a Silent Auction of Your American Flag Store Art to raise money for military families in need with all proceeds going to Kris “Tanto” Paronto’s, “4th Hour Foundation”.

We have invited our VIP customers, media friends, and Legislators to celebrate this Independence Day with us. The response has been unbelievable, and with guests coming from all over the country, we saw an opportunity put together a FREEDOM FEST that will have our guests and their families coming back for years to come!

About Brad Jones

Brad is the Owner/Operator of BBB TV 12, and has been with the company since August of 1996. Brad is a 1987 graduate of Coalfield High School and a 1995 graduate of the University of Tennessee College of Communications. He won the 1995 broadcast production student of the year award. Brad worked at Shop at Home, Inc. a home shopping network that was located in Knoxville, TN from 1993 - 1995 and then at Via TV (RSTV, Inc.) from 1995 - 1996. After some freelance work in Nashville, Brad joined the BBB Communications staff in August of 1996. A short stint at WVLT TV as a news photographer was in 2001, but he continued to work at BBB TV as well. Brad is married to Nicole Jenkins Jones, a 1990 graduate of Oak Ridge High School, who works at Oak Ridge Gastroenterology and Associates in Oak Ridge. They have 3 kids, Trevor Bogard, 27, Chandler 22, and Naomi 13. On December 12, 2013 they welcomed their first grandchild, Carter Ryan Bogard. Brad is also the assistant boys basketball coach at Coalfield High School for the past 11 years. In 2013-14 the Yellow Jackets won their first district title since 1991 and just the 4th in school history.

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