Roane Ambulances stretched to the limit today

Several emergency calls today have stretched the Roane Ambulance Service to the max as help from neighboring counties with ambulances was needed today due to a lot of medically related calls. One on little Dogwood Road in East Roane County where a female had fallen and needed attention. One on Harrison Lane in Harriman, one on South Kingston Avenue in Rockwood where a man had fallen and was bleeding. Another call in Rockwood to South Gateway Ave for a fall there as well. Earlier today, Harriman Fire and police and ambulance were on the scene after a person had fallen and hit his head near the Precision battery company on Trenton Street. Roane County has four ambulances on call Daily and again today they have been inundated with several calls requesting other neighboring counties to assist.

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  1. Lauren Pomposello

    I would like you give a shout out to all the first responders for all they do. Thank you so very much.

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