One arrested at Zoomerz in Kingston with Meth

  On 02/08/2022, at 1656 hours, Officers David Choate and Marie Watson responded to the Exxon Zoomerz located at 935 N. Kentucky street in reference to a possibly intoxicated subject.

  The subject was identified as Karen Reeves. Ms. Reeves was acting erratically and officers began investigating. Ms. Reeves stated that there was methamphetamine inside of her vehicle. A search of the vehicle revealed clear crystalized substance thought to be methamphetamine, a small bag of a green leafy substance thought to be marijuana, a glass pipe and cut short drinking straws were found. Ms. Reeves was read her miranda rights and admitted that the substances found were in fact methamphetamine and marijuana. Karen Reeves was placed under arrest.

  Officers noticed groceries that Ms. Reeves had just purchased. Ms. Reeves asked officers to take the groceries to her husband at the Lakeview Inn where he was. Officers agreed and took the groceries to her husband.

  After Officer Watson arrived at the jail, Ms. Reeves stated that there was more drugs and drug paraphernalia located in the room at the Lakeview Inn. Officer Choate took the groceries to the Lakeview Inn room 39. Contact was made with Ralph Reeves. Officers carried the groceries in the room and explained the situation with Ms. Reeves arrest. Officers told Mr. Reeves that Ms. Reeves told them where more drugs and paraphernalia were located in the room. Ralph Reeves gave officers consent to search the room. Another small bag of crystalized substance thought to be methamphetamine, another container of green leafy substance thought to be marijuana, and a large quantity of drug paraphernalia were found.

  16.3 grams of suspected marijuana and 8.2 grams of suspected methamphetamine in total were found. Karen reeves was charged with simple possession of a schedule II narcotic, possession of a schedule VI narcotic and possession of drug paraphernalia.

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