Lewie C. “Sonny” Loden, 81

Obituary Notice for Lewie C. Loden.

The name listed in the caption is that with which he was designated when he was born, some 81 years ago, but it took almost no time at all for him to acquire the name by which he was always known to one and all, that is, “Sonny”.

Although he was widely known in his native Emory Gap and other parts of the county, it was not as Lewie, or as Curtis that he was known, but as Sonny Loden. He died Friday morning, October 8, 2021. Funeral ceremonies will be conducted on Monday, October 11th, 2021, at the Harris Cemetery (95-183 Meadow Lane Rd, Grandview, TN) on highway 68.

Sonny was a member of the Loden family which has lived in the Grassy Cove area of Cumberland County since the memory of man runneth not to the contrary, and it is for this reason that he is to be buried among his kinsmen in the cemetery atop the mountain just south of the Cove.

He was born in Emory Gap and lived most of his life there until a few years ago when he moved to the Lick Skillet area on the Tennessee River where he lived until his final illness.

Sonny’s mother was unable to care for him when he was born, but fortunately, his uncle Alvin Loden and aunt Pearl Loden had no children and took him as their own. Although the relationship was never legally formalized, he became their son as though borne to them.

Sonny was always industrious and worked at many different jobs including working for Mr. Charlie Green at his business in Cardiff. He later worked for Mr. Arthur Stowers, maintaining the cemetery in South Harriman for several years.

He also was a principal custodian for the Valley Chapel Methodist Church while it was located in Emory Gap.

He loved outdoor activities and hunted and fished as opportunities presented themselves. Unfortunately, in his later years, his capabilities became more and more restricted, and he had to rely upon the visiting nurses for most of his actions, but despite physical decline, he maintained his strong will until the last.

Those who knew Sonny Loden will, no doubt, long remember him, and join in praying that he may Rest in Peace.

He is survived by his sister, Peggy Brown of Roy, Washington, and also survived by several cousins and friends. Evans Mortuary is serving the family of Mr. Lewie C. “Sonny” Loden.

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