Rockwood City officials Asks for Masks to be Worn In City Hall

Rockwood City Hall has implemented a suggestive mask rule and for city employees at this time according to City officials. Mayor Miller asked that all city employees wear a face covering when they are not able to stay 6 feet apart. City Administrator Becky Ruppe told us that if possible please wear a mask when you have to go inside city hall at this time. They will look at rescinding the suggestion in the coming weeks as the numbers hopefully will continue to decline of those who have covid 19 in the Roane county area . Mayor Miller did say there is no active cases within the city employees at this time /Yesterday we reported the latest numbers which show a sharp decline of active cases In Roane County a good dip almost in half with 429 cases of COVID-19 still active, that’s down from 808 two weeks ago.

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