Joint workshop on Two new school buildings plan in Roane County Held Last Night

The Roane County Commission and Roane County Board of Education met in a joint workshop on Monday evening September 20th at 7 p.m. at Harriman High School. The main topic for discussion, the new schools consolidation building proposal. The school board had a discussion about the new $108 million dollar Schools consolidation plan, with Lewis Group Architects in May, and now presented it to the County Commission on Monday to seek what if any support they may have, to get commissioners on board, who ultimately have the final say as to the funding.

As it was the last time this was sought by the school board, they were mixed feelings about putting the burden on the Roane County taxpayers to pay for the plan which is different this time since now they are seeking to build 2 new facilities, one new high school in Kingston, and the other to combine Harriman and Rockwood High schools into one facility. When specific numbers were presented at the meeting from County Budget Director Connie Aytes, she told both parties the tax burden on taxpayers to fund the plan would be an estimated 44 cents, but also stated the counties debt service would reduce 14 cents in 2022, which would see the final total at around 30 cents for a proposed tax increase.

No votes were taken as this was a workshop and was the first in what may be several more meetings between the two in the future.

A similar plan to build one main facility to combine 3 high schools, Kingston, Rockwood, and Harriman, was turned down by The county commission 3 years ago.

The Regular Board meeting of The School Board is scheduled for this evening Tuesday, September 21st at 7pm at The Board Room at The Main Office.

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