Harriman Police report Drug Arrests through Operation

On Monday, July 12, 2021, the Harriman Police Department’s Criminal Patrol Unit (CPU) arrested 3 people, in 2 separate encounters, on felony charges in connection with the sale and distribution of controlled substances. The arrests culminated from information provided by area residents who witnessed illicit activity in and around the Triangle Park area in Harriman.

“We have very active community members who support our efforts because they care about the safety and wellbeing of Harriman,” said Detective Kasey Mynatt, head of Harriman’s CPU. Mynatt went on to say, “Oftentimes, drug interdiction policing can be complicated because it requires a balancing act. On one hand, we work to solve an immediate need like the Triangle Park situation while, on the other hand, we’re simultaneously employing processes designed to make a lasting difference in our community. We are truly fortunate because Mayor Best, members of the Harriman City Council, City Manager Mason, and Chief Tapp are working together and fully committed to making Harriman a safer, more productive community now and in the years to come.” 

Three people from Harriman were arrested in relation to the charges, JC Coleman, Sherry Barnes. and Chassity Wright. Illegal substances seized in the arrests included approximately 10 grams of suspected heroin, roughly 3 grams of suspected methamphetamine, and 3 grams of what appeared to be marijuana. 

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