Details of Double Stabbing on Wednesday

More details were released today concerning a double stabbing in Roane County Wednesday.

Warrants state deputies were summoned to a home at 380 Allison Drive. It states 37-year-old Mark Anthony Ferguson, Jr. came into the residence armed with two knives. He reportedly used the weapons to pierce Joshua William Ferguson at least twice on his side. The suspect next went to another area of the dwelling and stabbed Mark Anthony Ferguson, Sr. repeatedly. He sustained wounds to his neck, chest and back area. Law enforcement says the attacks were unprovoked.

Both victims were flown by air medical helicopters to U.T. Medical Center for treatment of injuries.

Ferguson, Jr. then allegedly took the weapons, cleaned them and attempted to dispose the knives. One was recovered outside and the other inside the home. Authorities say blood was detected on each.

Another family member in the residence at the time informed officers she was in her room and heard Joshua yell “Mark stabbed dad” and “call the police.” She stated she lived in fear of Ferguson, Jr. to the point of barricaded herself with a locked door and a dresser in front of it for safety.

Ferguson, Jr. is charged with two counts of attempted murder. He remains incarcerated in the Roane County jail and is scheduled to appear in court October 12, 2021.

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