Roane Board of Education Approves $85 Million Budget for 2021-2022 School Year

The Roane Board of Education met Tuesday (5/25/21) at 6pm at The Board of Education main office in Kingston First for a work session followed by a special called meeting to approve the estimated $85 million dollar budget for the next fiscal year, and then to possibly approve the $108 million dollar school renovation plan.

Board members adopted the budget and held off on sending the proposed plan to build a new Roane County High school in Kingston and another one combining Rockwood and Harriman into one facility, until they can meet in a joint work session with The County Commission to show them their plan and hopefully get them on board to allow the funding to come through.

A motion from Board member Mike “Brillo” Miller and seconded by member Larry Brackett, was to send their proposed plan to commission without a work session, but after hearing from former county commissioner and now school board member, Nadine Jackson, they decided to wait until after a work session with the combined Board and Commission. Jackson convinced the board that sending the plan without giving commission the chance to review it first, would more than likely not pass the full commission. A date will be set for the meeting in the coming days and we will report that as soon as we get it.

Any action taken by the school board will have to be approved for the additional funding by The Roane County Commission and that would more than likely require a tax increase to fund it. The commission voted down a similar plan in 2018 by a vote of 13 to 2, but board members are hopeful this plan will be fully funded.

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