Kingston City Council Meets in Work Session to Discuss Next Fiscal Years Budget

Kingston City Council members and Mayor Neal met with their City Manager in a work session last night following their regular council meeting to begin discussing their next fiscal years budget. City manager David Bolling told them that this years budget (does not) ask for a tax increase but does include a 5% raise for all city employees and bonus packages as well. The City, like most all across the state saw an uptick in sales tax revenues since last summer and so  there is no need to seek extra revenue through any forms of a tax increase. He stated that nothing extra will come from this years budget outside normal capital improvements that are always added into city budgets, such as improvements to city facilities when needed. City Department heads still have to meet with Bolling to present their financial needs and then he will bring back the full budget package to council for possible 1st reading passage next month.

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