Rockwood Council Approves Mayors Recommendation to purchase 4 New Police Cars

Rockwood Council members, Mayor and City staff met Monday, April 26, 2021, and one item that was approved was the Mayor’s recommendation to purchase four new police cars. The money would come from The Cares Act federal funds that were to be used for such purchases within the police and fire departments. Mayor Miller told council that 3 cars would be bought with the first round of funds not used of some $150,000.00 at a price of around $35k each. The 4th one would come from an estimated $80k that came in this year. Also he suggested using some of the money to purchase 12 new sets of turn out gear for the fire department, 3 mowers would also be purchased also, one for the golf course to mow the greens and one each for the Streets department and recreation department.

The council also approved 2 new basketball goals for Brickyard Springs park. Also approved at the meeting was to hire a police officer and one full time employee for the recreation department.

One other note we asked the mayor about where the status on a study of all the traffic signal system lights along Gateway Boulevard that are out of sync and are holding up traffic for longer times, and he said they are still waiting on the report and should have them corrected hopefully within the next several weeks.

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