Oak Ridge Citywide Brush Pickup to Begin May 10

OAK RIDGE, Tenn. (April 26, 2021) – The citywide brush pickup program will begin Monday, May 10, 2021. Tree limbs and bagged yard clippings/leaves will be picked up. City collection efforts will follow the accompanying schedule as closely as possible. The proposed schedule is a general guide and can vary considerably from the actual schedule due to weather conditions and/or the amount of participation by residents.

  • All limbs should be placed near, but not beyond the curb, with the butt end near the street.  Keep all materials off sidewalks, parking areas and out of gutters.  Residents are asked to not place any brush at the curb more than one (1) week prior to the scheduled pick-up day in order to maintain the cleanliness of our City.
  • Limb diameter should be no larger than three (3) inches at any point.
  • Yard clippings and leaves must be in plastic bags.  It should be noted that yard waste will be collected with the regularly scheduled refuse collection throughout the year.
  • There is a limit of one (1) truckload of material per residence.  A truckload is defined as one (1) pickup truck or approximately 3′ high x 4′ wide x 8′ long, approximately 100 cubic feet maximum.
  • Crews will not pick-up piles that have brush or limbs mixed with rubbish or trash. 
  • All materials must be in place no later than 7:30 a.m. on the scheduled pick-up day to ensure pick-up.  Any materials put out after 7:30 a.m. on the scheduled pick-up day may not be picked up.

The brush pickup schedule can also be found on the City’s website at OakRidgeTN.gov.

For more information, contact Waste Connections of Tennessee at (865) 482-3656.

1st Week

Monday, May 10              Tusculum Drive and side streets, Tempura Drive and side streets, Tuskegee Drive extension, Tiffin Drive and side streets, Scarboro Neighborhood

Tuesday, May 11             North Purdue Avenue from Manhattan Avenue to Manhattan Avenue, Piedmont Road, Parsons Road, Newberry Circle, Nevada Circle, Marshall Circle, Niagara Lane, West Gettysburg Avenue from Manhattan Avenue to Northwestern Avenue, Northwestern Avenue from Manhattan Avenue to North Purdue Avenue

Wednesday, May 12       Morris Lane, Manhattan Avenue from Rutgers Avenue to Manchester Road, Northwestern Avenue from Manhattan Avenue to South Purdue Avenue, Potomac Circle, Princeton Avenue, Paine Lane, Nasson Lane, Pembroke Road, Phillips Lane, Quincy Avenue, Queens Road, Paris Lane, Pratt Lane, Park Lane, South Purdue Avenue

Thursday, May 13           Hendrix Creek Subdivision, North Purdue Avenue from Manhattan Avenue to Marquette Road, Marquette Road, Maryville Circle, Liberty Court, Goucher Circle, Graham Place, Marietta Circle, Manchester Road, Manhattan Avenue from North Purdue Avenue to Manchester Road

Friday, May 14                Catch-up day

2nd Week

Monday, May 17              Baypath Drive and side streets, Briarcliff Avenue and side streets, Elmhurst Drive and side streets, Stonebridge

Tuesday, May 18             Riverbend Subdivision, Emory Valley Subdivision East of Caldwell and including Caldwell Drive

Wednesday, May 19       Emory Valley Subdivision West of Caldwell

Thursday, May 20           Emory Heights

Friday, May 21                Catch-up day

3rd Week

Monday, May 24         Rivers Subdivision, Marywater Lane, Marywood Court, Rivers Run Subdivision, Park Meade Drive, Center Park Lane, Palisades Parkway

Tuesday, May 25        East Drive and all side streets including Reel Heights/Tanglewood Subdivision, Athens Road, Alger Road and side streets, Arkansas Avenue and side streets, Albany Road, Alhambra Road, Arcadia Lane and Place

Wednesday, May 26 Outer Drive and side streets from Florida Avenue to California Avenue, Delaware Avenue and side streets, California Avenue and side streets

Thursday, May 27       Georgia Avenue and side streets, Florida Avenue and side streets, Outer Drive and side streets from Michigan Avenue to Florida Avenue, East Tennessee Avenue and side streets

Friday, May 28            Catch-up day

4th Week

Monday, May 31         Closed – No pickup scheduled

Tuesday, June 1         West Tennessee Avenue, Michigan Avenue and side streets, Kentucky Avenue and side streets

Wednesday, June 2    New York Avenue and side streets, Utah Avenue and side streets, Outer Drive from New York Avenue to Michigan Avenue, Orchard Lane and Circle, Orkney Road

Thursday, June 3        Pennsylvania Avenue and side streets, Outer Drive and side streets from Pennsylvania Avenue to New York Avenue

Friday, June 4             Catch-up day

5th Week

Monday, June 7          Vermont Avenue and side streets, N. Tulane Avenue

Tuesday, June 8         West Outer Drive and side streets from Highland Avenue to Pennsylvania Avenue

Wednesday, June 9    West Outer Drive and side streets from Illinois Avenue to Highland Avenue

Thursday, June 10      Hillside Road and side streets from Highland Avenue to Pennsylvania Avenue, Robertsville Road from N. Illinois Avenue to Highland Avenue, Raleigh Road, Robin Lane, Ivanhoe Road and side streets, East side of N. Illinois Avenue and side streets, Hillside Road and side streets from Illinois Avenue to Highland Avenue, Henley Road, Henley Place, Highland Avenue and side streets

Friday, June 11           Catch-up day

6th Week

Monday, June 14        West side of N. Illinois Avenue and side streets, Iroquois Avenue and side streets, Robertsville Road from Jefferson Avenue to N. Illinois Avenue, East Vanderbilt Drive, West Vanderbilt Drive, Villanova Road, Virginia Road, Valparaiso Road, Valley Forge Drive

Tuesday, June 15       Wiltshire Drive, Jefferson Circle, Latimer Road, Robertsville Road and side streets from Louisiana Avenue to Jefferson Avenue, Jefferson Avenue and side streets, Johnson Road and side streets, W. Outer Drive and side streets from Louisiana Avenue to Illinois Avenue

Wednesday, June 16  North Seneca Road, Louisiana Avenue and side streets, Lawton Road,

            Lancaster Road, Lansing Road, LaSalle Road and side streets

Thursday, June 17      Robertsville Road and side streets from Melbourne Road to Louisiana Avenue, Bradley Avenue, East Bryn Mawr Circle, West Bryn Mawr Circle, Bermuda Road and all side streets, Salem Road and side streets, Sheridan Circle and Place, South Seneca Road

Friday, June 18           Catch-up day

7th Week

Monday, June 21        Morningside Drive and side streets, Morgan Road, Mississippi Avenue, West Outer Drive and side streets from Montana Avenue to Louisiana Avenue

Tuesday, June 22       Montana Avenue and side streets, Monticello Road, Miramar Circle, Mohawk Road, Montclair Road and side streets, Windham Road and side streets

Wednesday, June 23  Newridge Road, Normandy Road, Newell Lane, Nebraska Avenue and side streets, Newhaven Road and side streets, Netherland Road and side streets, Newport Drive and side streets, New Bedford Lane, Nantucket Way, West Outer Drive and side streets from Nebraska Avenue to Montana Avenue

Thursday, June 24      Whippoorwill Drive and side streets, William Lane, Wildcat Lane, Winchester Circle, Jackson Crossing Subdivision, West Outer Drive and all side streets from the west end up to Nebraska Avenue

Friday, June 25           Catch-up day

8th Week

Monday, June 28        Preserve at Clinch River, Country Club Estates, Oklahoma Avenue, Mason Lane, Westover Drive, Wildwood Drive, Gates Drive, Grandcove Lane, Golfcrest Lane, Greenwood Lane, Goldenview Lane, West Southwood Lane, East Southwood Lane, Sweetgum Lane

Tuesday, June 29       Catch-up Day 

Wednesday, June 30  Catch-up Day

Thursday, July 1         Catch-up Day

Friday, July 2              Catch-up Day

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