Oliver Springs Mayor Relieves Police Chief of his Duties

According to the Oliver Springs City Attorney, Tom McFarland, the Oliver Springs Police Chief Kenneth Morgan apparently has been terminated from his duties by Mayor Omer Cox.

We have been following this story since last Thursday when news came out that there were differences between the Chief and The Mayor over Morgan’s leadership that was being questioned after several officers, allegedly came to the mayor with complaints about how the department was being operated.

We were told yesterday that the mayor wanted to set down with Chief Morgan and try to work out a better way to allow Morgan to leave but apparently the meeting never happened.

Morgan has been the Chief in Oliver Springs since the late 90’s and according to the city, he has been a good leader for the department with numerous drug related arrests and seizures throughout his tenure. According to Mayor Omer Cox, Captain David Laxton will be acting as Chief until the council and mayor can decide on moving forward with the hiring of a police Chief.

According to McFarland the former Chief can appeal the decision through a hearing with City Council and if he gets a 2/3rd majority vote to override the mayor then he would retain his position. We know that the Town Council is scheduled to meet tomorrow, April 1st at Town Hall, however, we do not know if this item will be mentioned at tomorrow’s meeting.

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