Investigation On-going After Body Found in East Roane County

UPDATE (Friday, March 5, 2021): We contacted Roane County Sheriff Jack Stockton today to see if there was anymore information that could be released on this investigation, however details of the autopsy have not been given to the investigators yet. Services are scheduled for Ms. Davis for this evening.

UPDATE: Body was found on Friday. There was no visible cause of death. The did order an autopsy at the UT Forensics Center. The Sheriff did identify the body as that of Bretanie Davis, 35, of Oak Ridge. The ORPD is leading this investigation as it is believed Ms. Davis was brought to this location. We are continuing to work on this story. – Dudley Evans

The investigation of a woman’s body found in a car at The Old Norman’s Market property at the intersection of Hwy 70 and Gallaher Road east of Kingston is ongoing. We have been told from an anonymous, but reliable source, and awaiting confirmation from the local authorities with the Roane County Sheriff’s office for more details of the case. We have info that a deputy stopped and checked out a car that allegedly had been parked there for several days and when he looked inside a woman’s body was inside and at that point all the investigation agencies were called there to begin the investigation. The agencies involved in the case are Roane County Sheriff’s Investigators, and Oak Ridge Police as the female is believed to be from Oak Ridge. An Autopsy has been ordered and at this time foul Play has not been ruled out. We will continue to follow this story and bring you more as we get it here on BBB TV-12

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    Just for obvious reasons… her name is Bretanie Davis… not Britanie. Ty.

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