Roane County Commissioners Pass the Budget last night with no Tax Rate Established

The Roane County Commission in a special called meeting at the Harriman High School Tuesday night, passed the annual budget, but without setting the certified tax rate at this time.

The $110 million dollar budget did see some cuts through one amendment that asked that raises for three Department heads, be stricken from the budget since all other employees will not see a raise this year.

Commissioner Ron Berry asked that the Emergency Management Director, Budget Director, and Purchasing Agent who were all to receive a state-mandated raise, not be given the county raise at this time estimated at around $3,500 each per year. That Amendment passed by a 10 to 3 vote and one abstention.

Roane County Executive and the County Commission through a Budget Committee recommendation, also will not receive a pay raise in there salaries this year.

Two other amendments, one was asking for the three department heads to receive their raises was denied by the commission. The other amendment was seeking to not allow school board members to receive pay raises, but was taken off the table as the County Commission, according to the county attorney at the meeting, cannot set their pay scale.

Non-profits that usually receive money from the county saw drastic Cuts in this year’s budget.

Again a tax rate was not established as the county is still awaiting the 5-year reappraisal certified tax rate from the state before they can actually set their rates and many other city governments are following suit.

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