BREAKING NEWS: COVID-19 Hits Rockwood City Hall

Rockwood City Hall is closed until further notice, this according to Rockwood Mayor Mike Miller. According to Miller, an employee inside city hall tested positive for COVID-19 after having symptoms over the weekend. They were then tested and they have now been placed in home quarantine for the next 14 days. City Hall was open all day Monday since the results had not come back until late Monday afternoon. Mayor Miller stated to us a thorough cleaning was done and all employees have now been tested for the virus. City Hall was closed Tuesday and will be closed until test results from all employees come back. A decision will then be made on when to reopen City Hall. Miller also stated they have a list of those who entered the building on Monday, and are in the process of contacting them. Those individuals will also need to be tested. We will keep you informed on the latest from Rockwood as City Hall is closed due to an employee testing positive for COVID-19.

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