Update on stand-off last Friday in Midtown

Just before noon Friday numerous law enforcement agencies including Harriman Police Department, Roane County Sheriff’s Deputies, Tennessee Highway Patrol, and a negotiating team, were all sent to the Midtown Flats (former Midtown Motel) on Hwy 70, after receiving a call that a man had barricaded himself inside a room allegedly threatening himself. Harriman Police Chief Baron Tapp told us today that a relative came there to check on a man identified as Robert Mynatt, who told her that he was upset over a relationship issue, and as mentioned was threatening to do harm to himself. At this point the first officers arrived to talk to him and that’s when it was determined that additional officers were needed. After that a three-hour standoff ensued, as the man would not exit the room to speak with officers. Eventually, according to the chief, it all came to an end just before 3pm after the man did come out of the room. Highway 70 in both directions near the motel was shut off to thru traffic for about 35 minutes while officers were negotiating with him as they knew he had a weapon inside and as standard protocol didn’t want any passerby’s to get injured if in fact gunfire were exchanged. Tapp said that as they were able to enter the room they did find a pistol but it was not loaded, and also said that illegal drugs were found in the room as well. Chief Tapp said Mynatt was taken to The Roane Medical Center for evaluation and also that charges are pending. He did say that Mynatt was cited for illegal drugs but never was arrested. Tapp appreciates all the extra assistance they had at the scene in getting this situation resolved without injury.

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