Harriman Mayor not happy with City Attorney over letter

Harriman Mayor Wayne Best and City Attorney Allison Rhenn, had tense words Tuesday during the City Council Meeting. The mayor was not happy with her using his name in documents filed, on behalf of the city, in a lawsuit filed by a property owner on South Roane Street, the former pawn shop location behind CVS Drugs. A large sinkhole developed and took out part of the parking lot. The property owner claims that it was the City’s fault due to a main sewer and water line issue. Mayor Best said the letter sent by Rhenn stated he did not want to talk to the property owners attorney about trying to resolve the issue, thus being upset with the City Attorney for stating this without his knowledge or consulting him first.

The ongoing dispute between the City and Property Owner has been ongoing for the past 6 years without reaching an agreement, therefore the Harriman City Attorney Allison Rhenn had to file a court date to try and resolve it. Mayor Best was upset at her because his name was mentioned in the letter along with Council and he said he did not approve it, nor had any knowledge that he was being told he would not talk to the opposing sides attorney, which he said he didn’t approve.

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